Making private fund investments accessible to everyone

One Token, Many Assets.

Private fund investments can easily return ROI in the double didgets.

However the minimum required investment runs in the hundreds of thousands of euros. This prohibits the majority of investors from entering this high value market. Opportunity is kept for the privileged few.

United Capital utilises blockchain technology to open up the market of private fund investments, providing all users with access to this exclusive and high returning financial market.

Uc Token

Stay Liquid

Private funds investment often lock assets for years on end. The United Capital exchange enables liquidity of assets by providing a trading platform where users can exchange their POA Tokens.


Keep all your assets secure in one simple wallet.


Stay liquid and exchange you tokens with ease.

POA Tokens

Proof of asset tokens means you are the owner. Period.

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Token Distribution

A maximum amount of 100,000,000 UCX will be minted, never to be increased.

  • No more than 71,400,000 UCX will be minted for the Token Sale in our private and public rounds combined. Therefor, 71,4% of the total UCX supply is allocated to participants in the Token Sale rounds.
  • 14,3% of the total UCX supply will be reserved for the team, advisors and early seed investors.
  • 10% of the total UCX supply will be reserved for the company’s Token Shop.
  • 4,3% of the total UCX supply will be reserved for the community, services provided by 3rd parties, and bonus allocations.


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